Certiblok: The Perfect Solution for University Students in the Digital World

University students face a multitude of challenges throughout their studies. Between classes, exams, projects, and theses, document management becomes a crucial but often complex task. This is where Certiblok comes into play, an innovative platform that can transform document management for university students, offering security, efficiency, and convenience.
Imagine a university student working on their thesis. They need to gather academic articles, take notes, draft chapters, share drafts with their advisor, and securely store all these documents. With Certiblok, every document can be uploaded and automatically fragmented into smaller parts, encrypted with AES 256, and distributed across a network of tens of thousands of Blockchain nodes. This process ensures that the data is practically impervious to attacks and inaccessible to unauthorized parties, offering unparalleled security.
Beyond security, Certiblok offers advanced document version management. Each time the student updates their thesis, all previous versions remain available and easily accessible. This is particularly useful during the review process, where it is essential to compare different versions of the document and track changes made. The ability to view documents without having to download them, thanks to the integrated preview function, makes work even smoother and more immediate.
Sharing documents with professors or classmates is another crucial aspect of university life. With Certiblok, the student can easily and securely share any type of document, including large files, without having to rely on third-party servers. Additionally, when a document is updated, Certiblok automatically notifies all involved parties, ensuring that everyone always has access to the latest version.
Certiblok’s deadline management features are another valuable tool for university students. Deadlines for project submissions, exams, and other tasks can quickly pile up, making them difficult to track. Certiblok allows students to set reminders for each document, ensuring they never miss an important deadline. Automatic notifications alert them when a document’s deadline is approaching, facilitating more efficient and organized time management.
A common scenario for university students is the need to collaborate on group projects. Certiblok facilitates this collaboration through its “edit rooms,” virtual environments where students can work together on documents in real time. This eliminates the need to constantly email updated file versions, making collaboration much smoother and more productive. Once the work is complete, the documents are exported to the main platform and can no longer be edited, ensuring the integrity of the final work.
Certiblok’s automatic QR code generation feature offers an innovative way to share documents. Students can generate a QR code for their documents and easily share it with anyone, making access quick and simple. These QR codes can be configured as “public” for wide sharing or “private” to ensure access only to authorized users, maintaining complete control over document security.
For students participating in conferences or presentations, Certiblok offers excellent support. The ability to create audit rooms allows students to gather all necessary documents for a presentation in a single virtual environment. This facilitates sharing with advisors, classmates, and other participants, allowing everyone to access relevant materials securely and organized. Even in the case of sudden inspections, the documents will always be ready and available.
Certiblok also integrates a video communication system, allowing students to make video calls with a single click, without the need for external accounts. This functionality is particularly useful for remote discussions with professors or classmates, making communication more direct and immediate.
Finally, Certiblok offers a two-factor authentication (2FA) feature to ensure even more secure access to accounts. Students can enable and disable this feature at any time, providing additional protection against unauthorized access. The combination of Blockchain technology with Certiblok’s DRM® system ensures that documents are always original and not counterfeit, offering a level of security and reliability that is crucial in an academic context.
The adoption of Certiblok by university students not only facilitates document management but also transforms the way they work and collaborate, making everything more secure, efficient, and organized.

Giacomo Beriotto
Social Media Manager Certiblok

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