Hacker attack on the Local Health Authority (USL) of Modena

It has been a challenging year for cybersecurity, and unfortunately, the Local Health Authority (USL) of Modena is not immune to this threat. A new cyber attack has targeted the local healthcare organizations, putting information security and the continuity of healthcare services at risk. However, amidst this crisis, an innovative potential solution emerges: Certiblok.

The attack, similar to previous episodes in other regions, has resulted in the suspension of activities at the blood collection centers and has necessitated the urgent execution of laboratory tests. While emergency services continue to operate, reliance is placed on manual procedures and the local network, causing possible temporary slowdowns.

In response to this emergency, the Modena healthcare organizations have established a crisis unit to manage the situation and identify the origin of the attack.

In this critical context, Certiblok emerges as a potential solution to protect sensitive information and restore normalcy in services. Certiblok is a management system based on blockchain technology, where every document is immutable. This means that it is safeguarded against viruses and server attacks, providing an additional layer of security for crucial information.

The Certiblok blockchain offers a guarantee of data integrity and authenticity, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized changes or manipulations. This could represent a breakthrough in ensuring the security of critical information in sensitive sectors such as healthcare.

Blockchain technology presents itself as a bulwark against digital threats, and Certiblok stands at the forefront of this defense.

Giacomo Beriotto
Social Media Manager Certiblok

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