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With Certiblok, your documents are safe from cyber attacks. Thanks to our decentralized cloud, you will always be protected from viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing at all times.

Discover the incredible potential of CERTIBLOK and turn document management into an extraordinary experience that exceeds all your expectations!

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Manage deadlines, share, and protect your documents.

Certiblok is the DRM® (Document Relationship Management) platform that revolutionizes the way you manage and share your documents, including certifications. Simplify teamwork, control deadlines, connect with your clients, suppliers, consultants, and inspection authorities, ensuring the highest level of protection for your document assets. Everything is managed and enhanced through decentralized cloud, leveraging BLOCKCHAIN technology to ensure complete control.

Discover the incredible potential of CERTIBLOK and transform document management into an extraordinary experience that exceeds all your expectations!

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DRM® Document Management

With Certiblok, you will always have full control over your documents. You will be informed about the owner, the current version, the people it is shared with, and the expiration date. Additionally, you can track the outcome of recent inspections. Whenever a document is updated, everyone will be immediately notified. Take advantage of the convenient built-in video call feature to communicate quickly with colleagues and collaborators wherever you are. Harness the power of Certiblok to efficiently, securely, and conveniently manage your documents, even while on the go. Certiblok is the ultimate solution for advanced document management with DRM®.

Certiblok Document Relationship Management - Scadenze


Deadline management reaches a new dimension!

Thanks to the innovative deadline management feature for each document, you will never miss an important deadline again and can always rely on up-to-date documents. Certiblok simplifies document management and amplifies the efficiency of your work! Trust Certiblok and enjoy the peace of mind of impeccable deadline management!

Calendar   Notifications


Active sharing allows users to be automatically updated every time a shared document is modified, without the need to notify them individually. Every change to the document is instantly notified to all users with whom the document has been shared, simplifying the collaboration process and avoiding the need to manually send notifications to each user. 

Team     Video Conference

Certiblok Document Relationship Management - Condividi documenti
Certiblok Document Relationship Management - Audit Room


With Certiblok’s Audit Room, you have complete control over document management for specific purposes or inspections. Simply indicate your requirements directly on the documents, and Certiblok will create virtual rooms that gather all the necessary documents. You can easily share these rooms with your team, consultants, clients and suppliers or inspectors, allowing them to evaluate or inspect the documents until the room’s expiration date, which you can set at your discretion. Your documents will always be within reach and available, even in the case of unannounced inspections! Forget the daunting task of transporting large quantities of documents to a meeting room!

Privacy   2FA   DRM


With Certiblok, all versions of your documents are always available and accessible.
By updating a document with a new version, you will always have access to all previous versions. You can easily select which version to view, and thanks to the integrated preview feature, you can view the entire document without the need to download or open it, regardless of the format.
File management has never been so easy.

Preview   Blokchain

Certiblok Document Relationship Management - Versioni



Certiblok ensures the security of your documents through the decentralized cloud based on Blockchain technology. Communicate quickly with the integrated video call, receive notifications for deadlines, preview documents, and control dates with the calendar. Thanks to the DRM® – Document Relationship Management® technology, you will have full control over your documentation, even on the go!


Explore the power of DRM®Document Relationship Management® with Certiblok. The exclusive and revolutionary document management system. With DRM®, your documents will have an identity card where you can find the owner, expiration date, version, active shares, belonging audit room, and dynamic preview. All in one view! Once you try it, you won’t be able to live without it!”


With Certiblok, you can collaborate with your team. Create your administrator account and invite your collaborators. You can work together, managing documents. Thanks to the DRM® technology, everyone will know who the document owner is, the expiration date, the version, and they can preview it. With the Privacy feature, each person will only see what they are authorized to see.


With the Privacy feature, activated with a single click on each folder, you will be the one to decide who has access to your documents. The folder with the lock will be visible only to you and those authorized. The rest of the team simply won’t know that the folder exists!”


This feature allows you to include partners outside your company, enriching your team with specific skills, such as those of external consultants. With just one click, you can invite a ‘guest’ to manage your documents with you directly within your account, without sharing copies outside your organization. Invite consultants and partners to collaborate directly with you in your company.


The exclusive preview feature of Certiblok allows you to view any document without downloading it. Whether it’s a PDF, Word file, Excel spreadsheet, video, or PowerPoint presentation, save valuable time and work more efficiently by accessing document previews quickly and easily. With Certiblok, you no longer need to download files or open additional programs to see what you need… even on the go!


With Certiblok, you will never miss a deadline or document request
thanks to real-time notifications. The platform alerts you when a new request comes in, when a document is nearing its expiration, or when an audit room is about to close, keeping you up to date with your commitments. Keep your documentation up to date and stay prepared at all times.


Never miss a deadline or important inspection date again! Certiblok’s calendar keeps you constantly updated with all your scheduled and ongoing audit rooms, as well as all your document and certificate deadlines. You no longer have to worry about keeping everything in mind, rely on our calendar for impeccable document management.


Certiblok features an integrated video communication system. Calls can be made with just one click, even with those who do not have the platform and without the need for external accounts. Thanks to the advanced technology used, the call quality is high, ensuring efficient and seamless collaboration.” 


With Certiblok’s Two-Factor Authentication, you can have even greater peace of mind! Access your account with maximum security. You can activate the feature and deactivate it whenever you want, simply and separately for each team user!”


Certiblok stores your data on a decentralized cloud and utilizes Blockchain technology to ensure maximum security and transparency in document management. With decentralization, your documents will be protected from unauthorized access and potential tampering. Additionally, by combining the DRM® system with Blockchain technology, you can have the assurance that your documents are always original and not counterfeit. 


Protects and simplifies your work.

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