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Why choose Certiblok?

So as not to forget deadlines

Whether it is yours or that of your supplier makes no difference, you can set expiry dates for each document.

Certiblok will notify you, and your contacts, when it is time to update the validity.

Not to lose updates and previous versions

Your collaborators will be updated in real time every time you update a document.

But don’t worry, you won’t lose previous versions! Certiblok will save them for you.

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For fast handling of urgent document requests

Request via the platform the documents you need with a simple click!

Certiblok will deliver what you need as soon as possible, even sending your request to suppliers who do not yet use the platform.

Always ready! Even in case of unscheduled inspections

Thanks to the ‘assign to audit room’ function you can catalogue your documents by assigning them a specific topic.

Certiblok will automatically create a folder with all documents related to a topic (e.g. ISO 9001).

This way, even in the event of unannounced inspections everything will be ready and in order even remotely!

Some important numbers

Because every data counts for us


Of mails sent


Requests handled


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Blockchain Security

Files stored with Certiblok are AES-256 encrypted, divided into small parts and distributed over a decentralised network verified via blockchain.
This ensures documents are unreadable by anyone except the owner and recipient. Not even Certiblok can know the contents!
Thanks to a decentralised approach, the platform protects your data from attacks, theft and prying eyes.

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