5 Surprising Facts About Document Management: Blockchain and Security

5 Curiosità Sorprendenti sulla Gestione Documentale- Blockchain e Sicurezza

The world of document security management is full of surprising and amusing aspects. Here are five curiosities that will make you see document management in a completely new light.

From the Egyptians to the Cloud: Document management has origins that date back to ancient Egypt, where documents on papyrus were meticulously preserved. Today, we have leaped into the future with cloud-based and blockchain systems. Imagine an Egyptian trying to understand cloud computing!

The Paper Mountain: According to some estimates, an average office consumes around 10,000 sheets of paper per year. Put these sheets together, and you could build a small paper pyramid! Digital document management is changing this scenario, saving trees and reducing clutter.

An Ocean of Data: If you were to print and stack all the digital content in the world, you could probably create a stack of paper that reaches the moon and comes back. Digital document security management helps keep all this in order without having to build a paper space tower!

Lost in the Traditional: It is estimated that workers spend up to 50% of their time searching for lost documents. Imagine how much time is wasted just searching for that important sheet! Digital document management not only saves trees but also saves a lot of time and patience.

When Documents Meet Blockchain: Introducing blockchain into document management is a bit like when you added the first smartphone to your life: at first, it seemed complex, but now you can’t imagine your life without it. Blockchain offers a level of security and traceability that completely transforms how we manage documents.

Document security management is a constantly evolving field full of surprises. From significantly reducing paper usage to introducing revolutionary technologies like blockchain, it is changing the way we work and manage information. With the increasing environmental awareness and the need for data security, document management is becoming an increasingly crucial aspect of business operations.

In addition to saving trees and time, digitizing documents opens up new avenues for collaboration and innovation. Companies that adopt these systems not only improve their efficiency but also demonstrate a commitment to sustainable and secure practices. In a world where the flow of information is constant and sometimes overwhelming, having a solid and secure system to manage documents is more important than ever.

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Giacomo Beriotto
Social Media Manager Certiblok

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