Certiblok and Loonar: a complementary alliance to simplify and protect.

In the world of startups, innovative collaborations can lead to more comprehensive solutions for customers. This article will explore the partnership between two startups, Certiblok and Loonar, who are joining forces to simplify document management and optimize efficiency.

Certiblok: Secure Document Management
Certiblok is a DRM® (Document Relationship Management) platform that utilizes blockchain technology to ensure maximum document protection. The platform simplifies teamwork, monitors deadlines, and connects users with clients, suppliers, and consultants. Security is guaranteed through blockchain technology.

Loonar: Time and Resource Optimization
Loonar is a management software designed to simplify professional and personal life. Its intuitive interface and efficient planning help users maximize their time.

A Synergistic Collaboration with the Same Goal
Certiblok and Loonar, while pursuing different objectives, have come together to offer a comprehensive ecosystem. These two complementary platforms share the same goal: simplifying the lives of their users. Certiblok users can optimize document management by using Loonar for more efficient planning. On the other hand, Loonar users can benefit from Certiblok’s advanced security.

Benefits for Users

Maximum Security: Certiblok offers advanced protection through blockchain technology.
Optimized Efficiency: Loonar helps users improve efficiency.
Simplicity and Intuitiveness: Both platforms offer an intuitive user experience.
Enhanced Productivity: Users can optimize resource management.

In summary, the collaboration between Certiblok and Loonar offers integrated solutions to simplify and protect, demonstrating how startups can join forces to create added value for customers. With different yet complementary objectives, Certiblok and Loonar work together to achieve the same goal: making life easier and safer for their users.

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Giacomo Beriotto
Social Media Manager Certiblok

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