Certiblok and RSA: Security, Efficiency, and Document Management

The adoption of Certiblok in Assisted Living Facilities (RSA) marks a significant step forward in optimizing document management, a crucial aspect in environments where attention to detail can make a difference in the daily lives of operators and residents. This innovative tool, leveraging decentralized cloud and Blockchain technology, offers a range of features that simplify the management of a wide array of documents and deadlines, significantly improving the internal organization of these facilities.
One of the biggest challenges for RSAs is managing personnel documents, which include identity cards, safety training certificates, first aid, fire prevention, BLSD, and many others that require periodic renewals. With Certiblok, it is possible to maintain effective control over these documents, utilizing the deadline management system to ensure that each operator is always up to date with the necessary certifications for their activities, thus improving compliance with required standards and reducing legal and operational risks.
Work schedule management is another challenge, with tasks needing to be updated and communicated to all healthcare operators in a department. Coordinators can update the scheduled activities for each shift, ensuring that every healthcare worker in the department receives the changes simultaneously. This feature ensures that everyone is always informed about their responsibilities, optimizing work organization.
The storage and immediate access to instruction manuals for machinery, such as beds and autoclaves, is simplified by using QR codes generated by Certiblok. By applying a QR code to the machinery, operators can instantly access all necessary information, including procedures, maintenance deadlines, and usage instructions, simply by scanning the code. This system not only improves efficiency but also increases safety in RSAs by minimizing the risk of errors in the use of devices.
The management of certification deadlines such as ISO 9001, UNI 10881, or OHSAS 18001 also benefits from Certiblok. The notification system facilitates the collection and updating of necessary documents. This is relevant for the renewal of institutional accreditations in compliance with Article 64 of Regional Law No. 22 of December 12, 2019. Certiblok proves to be a valuable tool in document management, ensuring that RSAs are always in compliance with current regulations.
The document deadline management functionality of Certiblok allows RSAs to maintain constant compliance with regulations, ensuring that all devices and work practices are always up-to-date and in line with safety standards.
Digital innovation fully enters the residential care sector, laying the foundations for a future where technology and humanity merge to offer increasingly attentive and personalized service.

Giacomo Beriotto
Social Media Manager Certiblok

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