Decentralized Cloud vs. Traditional Cloud – Which One to Choose?

Time passes, the world evolves, systems are updated..hard to always keep up with innovations?

This article will specifically explore how document repository services have evolved, highlighting the benefits of the new decentralized cloud system.

So far we have always known and used document repositories based on traditional cloud, which with a central server present security risks for archived documents. If the central server is compromised or suffers a cyber attack, all stored documents are at risk.

A repository based on decentralized cloud instead works differently. Data and documents are archived and replicated across multiple different servers, nodes or computers, not just a central server.

This distributed, decentralized approach offers some important security advantages:

Redundancy: With multiple copies of data archived on different nodes, if a node is compromised or becomes unavailable, data can be retrieved from remaining nodes. This redundancy makes the system more resilient.
Defense against attacks: Damaging and stealing documents requires compromising multiple nodes simultaneously to disable or steal data. With a sufficiently high number of nodes, this becomes extremely difficult.
Transparency: Document distribution across various nodes makes the system more transparent and who holds a data copy.
Privacy: Data is not concentrated in a single place but distributed. Even if a node is compromised, a limited part of the data would be at risk.

In summary, a decentralized cloud distributes documents across multiple servers managed by different entities, instead of archiving everything on a single central server. This makes the system more secure and resilient to cyber attacks. Decentralization is therefore a preferable solution for securely archiving corporate documents.

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Giacomo Beriotto
Social Media Manager Certiblok

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