Press Release – Certiblok Presents the DRM® Platform, Document Relationship Management, at Smau 2023 Milan

Certiblok Document Relationship Management

Certiblok, a leader in the field of Document Relationship Management (DRM®), is excited to announce its participation in the SMAU 2023 event, taking place in Milan on October 18th and 19th. During the event, Certiblok will showcase its innovative Certiblok DRM® platform, the exclusive and revolutionary document management system.

With Certiblok’s DRM®, business documents will have a complete identity card, including essential information such as owner, expiration date, version, active shares, belonging audit room, and a dynamic preview. This unified and intuitive display provides a comprehensive and immediate overview of each document, simplifying their management and ensuring greater operational efficiency.

What sets Certiblok apart is the use of decentralized cloud and blockchain technology, which guarantees secure and controlled access to documents for authorized users. This innovative approach enables the management and enhancement of documents through a secure and reliable platform. Each document is assigned a unique owner per version, facilitating complete control over its management and protection.

Certiblok DRM® represents a cutting-edge solution for managing business documents. It simplifies teamwork, allows control over deadlines, versions, and active shares, and offers a dynamic preview for immediate document visualization. All of this is accessible through a single intuitive interface, making document management an efficient and transparent process.

Certiblok’s participation in SMAU 2023 provides a unique opportunity to experience the potential of the Certiblok DRM® platform firsthand. At our booth, visitors can interact with our team of experts and understand how this innovative solution can simplify document management, improve collaboration within organizations, and ensure maximum information security.

“Our participation in SMAU 2023 is a significant moment for Certiblok. We are excited to showcase the Certiblok DRM® platform and share its incredible features with the audience,” said Gianluigi Michelotto, Founder of Certiblok. “With Certiblok DRM®, business documents will have advanced management, simplifying processes, improving collaboration, and ensuring greater information security.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover how Certiblok DRM® can transform document management in your company. We look forward to welcoming you at SMAU 2023, at our booth, to demonstrate how our innovative solution can optimize your processes and ensure maximum document security.

For more information about Certiblok’s participation in SMAU 2023 or the Certiblok DRM® platform, please visit our website at

About Certiblok:
Certiblok is a leading company in the field of Document Relationship Management (DRM®), offering innovative solutions to simplify the management and sharing of business documents.
The Certiblok DRM® platform combines decentralized cloud with blockchain technology to ensure complete control and maximum protection of documents.
With Certiblok DRM®, companies can streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and ensure regulatory compliance. For more information, visit

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