Simplified versioning: save and compare versions of every document.

Versioning semplificato: salva e confronta versioni di ogni documento

Managing document revisions has always been complex when it involves shared and collaborative files. With Certiblok, it becomes simple thanks to a revolutionary digital versioning technology.

Certiblok allows you to save any revision with a single click. This is achieved through an incremental storage system, optimizing time and space.

Even with large files such as technical projects, digital books, or graphic documents, you can manage and control collaborative iterations quickly and under control, comparing every change with just a few taps.

It is also possible to set granular permissions to control which versions each collaborator can view and edit.

The system seamlessly supports even large files such as cadastral maps, 3D models, graphic renderings, and much more, storing their versions quickly and efficiently. Documents of tens of gigabytes can be edited and reviewed by distributed teams in a smooth and continuous manner.

Certiblok offers advanced reporting capabilities to monitor in detail the versions made to each document. This allows for optimal management of business processes and full transparency on revisions.

Therefore, Certiblok is a versatile tool suitable for professionals such as technical studios, creative agencies, schools, and universities, to simplify every collaborative creation and revision process through an advanced and powerful document revision management system.

Giacomo Beriotto
Social Media Manager Certiblok

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