The Employee File: What it is and Why it’s Important, and How Certiblok Can Help with Storing the Electronic File

The employee file is a fundamental and mandatory document for every company as it contains all the information related to an employee from the time of hiring until the end of their employment relationship. Let’s take a look at what an employee file contains and why it’s so important.

What does an employee file contain?

An employee file contains a wide range of information, including:

Personal details: name, surname, date of birth, tax ID, address, phone numbers and email.
Hiring documents: employment contract, hiring letter, communication to social security and workers’ compensation authorities, any union agreements.
Work position information: duties, work hours, job classification, any benefits or bonuses.
Payroll documents: payslips, wages statements, tax payment forms, any expense reimbursements.
Training information: training courses and certifications completed by the employee.
Health and safety documents: medical certificates, medical exams, documents related to injury prevention at work.
Any documents related to holidays, leave or absences from work.

Why is the employee file important?

The employee file is important for many reasons, both for the company and the employee themselves. Here are the main reasons:

Personnel management: the file allows the company to have a complete picture of each employee’s work position, including pay and training details.
Compliance with regulations: the file also ensures company compliance with employment regulations regarding leave, injury prevention, and employee privacy protection.
Performance monitoring: the file can track an employee’s attendance, leaves or evaluate training results.
Protecting employee rights: the file protects employee rights regarding pay, holidays, and safety at work.

Storing the employee file

Storing the employee file in electronic format can be advantageous as it allows digitally storing and managing all documents related to an employee, ensuring data protection compliance and remote access to personal file acts.

Certiblok for electronic file storage

Certiblok is an innovative solution for electronically storing employee files. Through Certiblok, companies can securely store and manage all employee-related documents digitally, while simplifying data sharing and remote access with any device.

Certiblok offers benefits like easy remote access, reduced costs by eliminating physical storage needs, and improved efficiency through faster searches.

In conclusion, electronic employee file storage can simplify and improve personnel management for companies, offering numerous advantages. With Certiblok, file storage becomes even easier and more secure.

Giacomo Beriotto
Social Media Manager Certiblok

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