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Secure Certifications and Document Exchange with Blockchain

As the number of certifications required of companies grows, along with the constant search for an efficient document management and sharing system, the need is becoming increasingly evident in modern society. With increasing demands from customers, suppliers, certification bodies, and inspection agencies, companies must manage ever-growing volumes of documents. The need to maintain a reputation for quality and compliance has made managing requests a complex and challenging task, often difficult to fulfill.

All these deadlines, regulations, and rules not only cause anxiety and concern, but also undermine corporate reputation and put cybersecurity at risk.

Internet Live Stats, a portal that monitors internet metrics in real time, shows that globally around 2.7 million emails are sent every second, totaling 227 billion per day. Translation: 227 billion potential data losses and thefts every day!

Focus on cybersecurity in document exchange processes via email is highly relevant and represents an important challenge for today’s companies. With the increasing amount of sensitive information shared between companies, customers and suppliers, it has become increasingly difficult to ensure documents are sent and received securely and reliably.

One of the main concerns is the possibility that data may be intercepted or stolen by malicious actors who could use it for illegal purposes. Other times, some sends are actually lost and not found by the recipient – why not keep track of outgoing and incoming flows?

However, once the requested documentation has been sent and received, its management is often hindered by many complex and delicate difficulties. Documents may not be updated or even expired. Often changes are not compliant and not communicated in a timely manner to customers, suppliers, and all involved parties. Documents are often stored ingeniously through multiple channels such as email, fax, USB drives or files, often causing huge confusion and jeopardizing business security. Sometimes even still in paper form with an extremely high risk of loss and disuse.

In the event of inspections by private or public certification bodies, documentation must always be ready and in order, but often, if not always, the volume of work to keep it under control is excessive and without dedicated resources.

In response to a common need, a new solution is emerging. Certiblok: the blockchain-based platform that leverages the power of this technology to ensure absolute security in managing corporate documents. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that offers unprecedented levels of security and transparency. Every transaction is recorded on a chain of blocks, making it immutable and irrefutable.

This means companies can be sure that their documents, uploaded and organized within the platform, are securely stored and their integrity is guaranteed. With Certiblok there is no longer any need to manually send documents to customers and suppliers – it is possible to communicate directly by sending a message from the platform itself. The recipient, whether registered on the platform or not, will receive an email containing a link to access and view or directly download the file. This advantage allows direct contact without taking up storage space on the recipient’s end – Certiblok offers storage based on the chosen plan.

And if the sent document undergoes changes over time and needs to be updated and resent to all parties involved? Thanks to the automatic update feature, it is ensured that all interested parties are always notified synchronously of changes.

Finally, to protect cybersecurity, the use of blockchain guarantees that documents are never in the possession of third parties, remaining under the sole control of the holder. With a built-in access authorization system, it is possible to have multiple users access each entity with viewing limits according to chosen preferences.

The Certiblok platform also allows folders to be named and each file to be assigned an expiration date where necessary, communicating when the same file is about to expire. Thanks to the use of #tags, the same file can be present in multiple different folders without being duplicated. The “audit room” feature, where inspectors can perform remote audits and easily share documents with interested parties, provides quick access and inevitably increases the management of unexpected requests in a single secure and accessible place.

The Certiblok platform represents an effective solution for any organization. From the food sector to construction, from electromedical to mechanical engineering, Certiblok is attracting attention from a wide range of customers thanks to non-vertical (siloed) but horizontal document sharing, communicating externally regardless of sector or activity. Accounting firms, certification bodies and many other companies are discovering the advantages of blockchain and the Certiblok innovation, improving the quality of organized work and their company’s reputation.

In an ever-changing world, corporate certifications and digital document exchange on blockchain have become a critical success factor for any business.

Giacomo Beriotto
Social Media Manager Certiblok

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