What is the decentralized blockchain cloud, and how does it work?

The decentralized cloud is based on peer-to-peer networks and blockchain technology to provide advanced, secure, and resilient data storage. Let’s look in detail at its operating principles, which also underlie the Certiblok platform.

Peer-to-peer networks In a P2P network, nodes (computers or devices) communicate directly with each other without the need for central servers. When a node wants to download/save a file, the request is forwarded to other connected nodes that possess that resource. The file will then be downloaded simultaneously from multiple peers in small fragments, speeding up its distribution.

In the decentralized cloud, users make part of their storage capacity available, forming a shared storage network. Uploaded files are divided into encrypted blocks and stored randomly and anonymously on different nodes. This makes it almost impossible to trace back to the original location of the data or the connections between nodes, increasing privacy and security.

Blockchain and shared ledgers Blockchain plays a fundamental role. It permanently records all transactions that occur (file uploads/downloads, payments, etc.), encrypted and shared by all nodes in the network.

Blocks containing transactions are collected into chains cryptographically linked to each other in chronological order. This way, arbitrary modifications would be incompatible with the previous chain, making the blockchain an immutable and transparent ledger.

Distributed consensus and smart contracts To add a new valid block to the chain, the consensus of the majority of the network is required, through complex proof-of-work mechanisms. This ensures the absence of a centralized authority and renders 51% attacks irrelevant.

Smart contracts, code that replicates if-then logics on the blockchain, automate the exchange of resources and payments between nodes, creating an incentivized and solid economic ecosystem.

Cryptography Symmetric algorithms like AES-256 encrypt transaction payloads and protect users’ identities thanks to the separation between public and private keys.

All this makes the decentralized cloud extremely resistant to attacks, tampering, and censorship, distributing data, control, and benefits across a global network without single points of failure.

Gianluigi Michelotto
Co Founder Certiblok

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