Certiblok at SMAU Paris: An Innovative Journey of Sharing and Collaboration

We at Certiblok are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming SMAU Paris on April 16th, a prime opportunity to demonstrate how our revolutionary platform is transforming document management. During the event, we will not only showcase the features and innovations of Certiblok but also have the chance to meet many of our users and collaborators in person. Here’s how we have prepared for this important trip, making the most of our platform’s capabilities.
**Agile Document Upload and Management**
Before leaving, we uploaded all necessary documents to Certiblok: informational brochures, contracts, technical documentation, and much more. Thanks to the document versioning feature, every team member has immediate access to the most up-to-date versions of the files, eliminating the risk of inconsistencies or duplications.
**Interactive Demos and Video Material**
To capture the visitors’ interest, we prepared interactive demos and explanatory videos showcasing Certiblok’s features, which will be displayed on screens within our booth. All multimedia material was easily uploaded and organized on our platform, ensuring accessibility and security through AES 256 encryption and distribution on a decentralized blockchain network.
**Dynamic Presentations**
For pitches and presentations during the event, we used Certiblok to prepare and share PowerPoint slides with the team. This allowed us to make last-minute changes, ensuring everyone had access to the final version, avoiding synchronization or access issues.
**QR Codes for Innovative Sharing**
We generated unique QR codes for each relevant document, which visitors can easily scan to access exclusive content. This feature not only simplifies material distribution but also offers an interactive and engaging experience for participants.
**Audit Room and Real-Time Collaboration**
During SMAU, we will use our ‘Audit Room’ feature to create virtual spaces where specific documents can be reviewed and discussed with partners and clients. This secure and controlled environment facilitates collaboration and real-time feedback sharing, optimizing interactions during the fair.
**Integrated Videoconferencing**
Thanks to Certiblok’s integrated videoconferencing system, we can effectively communicate with our team and partners who cannot be physically present at the event. This tool is crucial for keeping everyone updated and involved, regardless of their location.
**Deadline Management and Automatic Notifications**
To ensure all event-related activities are managed timely, we have set personalized notifications to remind us of every important deadline, from presentations to client meetings. This allows us to stay organized and proactive.
With these preparations, we at Certiblok are ready to make SMAU Paris not only a successful event but a true showcase of the effectiveness and versatility of Certiblok. We look forward to sharing all the innovations that make our platform a benchmark in the document management landscape. Visit us at our booth to discover firsthand how Certiblok can transform the way you manage your documents and your business!
Get ready to experience this technological adventure with us and discover how Certiblok can be the driving force for a more secure, efficient, and collaborative document management system.

Gianluigi Michelotto
Co Founder Certiblok

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