Optimization of Engineering Workflow in the Manufacturing Sector: The Importance of Decentralized Cloud and Advanced Document Management

In the optimization of engineering workflow in the manufacturing sector, the adoption of advanced technologies is essential for improving efficiency and security, highlighting the need for cutting-edge technological strategies for document exchange. This approach is crucial not only for enhancing operational efficiency but also for strengthening data security.

In this context, an executive from a manufacturing engineering company emphasizes the importance of a decentralized cloud-based system.

This technology serves as a strategic solution to mitigate the risks of cyber-attacks, while ensuring a safe and reliable platform for sharing sensitive documents, including highly significant files like DWG and STL.

A key element in optimizing Engineering Workflow in the Manufacturing Sector is the adoption of advanced application tools that support file versioning. The ability to access different versions of a document, both past and present, is vital for effective project management over time. The capability to track document changes and have immediate access to different iterations of a document enhances collaboration and productivity, allowing users to work in synergy and in real-time.

This aspect translates into a significant increase in work efficiency.

Finally, the innovative concept of “audit rooms” is introduced. These rooms provide a secure and controlled environment, ideal for detailed analysis and assessments of crucial documents. Audit rooms are indispensable tools for due diligence operations, offering a fundamental contribution to the transparency and reliability of decisions in the IT sector. Their presence ensures that every aspect of the documents is examined with utmost care, thus guaranteeing a high level of decision-making precision.

In conclusion, the integration of a decentralized cloud, combined with advanced document management and the use of audit rooms, represents an essential strategy for manufacturing companies aiming to optimize their engineering processes, while maximizing both security and efficiency.


Gianluigi Michelotto
Co Founder Certiblok

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